We are a collective of publishing professionals, all of whom have worked in the industry in various capacities as editors, reviewers, authors, writers, professors, or managers. Our focus is to review your submitted work and provide honest and direct feedback on whether it’s publishable. This process will generate one of three results:

  1. If we find that your submission is suitable for publishing in its current state, we will help to connect you directly with a publishing house or agent that may be interested in your work.
  2. If your work has potential but is not currently a good fit for publishing, we will let you know why (for example, sometimes a piece needs too much editing or the idea isn’t fully formed). Regardless of the reason, our team of publishing professionals will assess your submission and provide you with honest feedback and suggestions you can use and implement immediately.
  3. If your work simply isn’t a good fit for publishing, we will let you know why. Perhaps it’s overdone in its genre, or the writing isn’t up to par. Whatever the reason, you will be given honest feedback from the perspective of a publishing professional, which we hope will help you in your journey as a writer.

All three of these results will help you take the guesswork out of assessing your own piece, and/or relying on friends/family to provide you with meaningful constructive feedback. More importantly, you will receive direct personalized commentary from a professional in the industry that can help you to fine-tune and hone your craft and your work. Our goal at WRC is to support writers by helping them develop their craft and get it seen.

Every submission receives a personal and thorough response from a member of our professional team. We aim to respond to your submission within 4-6 weeks, depending on our caseload.

Thank you for sharing your work with us. We look forward to reading your submission and will be in touch soon!